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Most of the maintenance for classlists can be done through the Classlist Management App. This page offers help for using the Classlist Request Menu. If you need help with using the Class Mailing List service, please see the introduction to the Class Mailing List service or the Class Mailing List FAQ.

The use of the Management App is limited to faculty instructors and classlist administrators. If you are having trouble being authenticated, you may not be listed as a faculty instructor or your classlist may not have been built. You may send mail to your school's classlist administrator or to

This is an authenticated form that requires you to enter your PennKey and password. If you are having trouble logging in, there may be a problem with your PennKey and password. Please visit for assistance.

Since this is an authenticated service that is running through a secure interface, you will need to use a SSL-capable browser.

To use some of the options on the menu, you will need to know your classlist name. If you are unsure of your classlist name, please start with the List your classes selection from the menu.

Menu Options

List your classes

This option will list all classes which have been built for an Instructor within a participating School.

Activate a classlist

Some schools have defined the default profile for classlists so that only the coure Instructor can send mail to the list. To enable all students subscribed to the list to be able to send mail to the list, the course Instructor must "activate" the Claslist.

You only need to use this option if your class is in one of the schools which require activation. If you need help, contact your school's classlist administrator or you may send mail to

Add a member

The course Instructor and all students registered for the class will already be subscribed to the list automatically by our nighly process which extracts this information from the Data Warehouse. There are situations where you may want to subscribe someone who is not enrolled in the class such as a teaching assistant or an auditing student. Use this option to add a member to your Classlist. Make sure the following items are selected on the Classlist Request Menu before submitting your request:
  1. Classlist Name
  2. E-mail - full e-mail address, e.g.,
  3. First name
  4. Last name
If you have a student who wishes to use an email address other than the one which is registered in the online Directory, you may sld add them and their alternate email address with this form but you may want to also check "no" to the "Should this address receive mail?" prompt. This will avoid sending two copies of messages to the same student.

If you want your teaching assistant to also be a co-owner of the list and therefore have the authority to use the Classlist Request Menu, please use the Change options menu selection.

Delete a member

Use this option to delete a member from your classlist who has been added through the Classlist Request Menu. Make sure the following items are selected on the Classlist Request Menu before submitting your request:
  1. Classlist Name
  2. E-mail - full e-mail address, e.g.,
You may not delete a registered student who has been automatically subscribed through the Classlist nightly process. If you need to remove a student who has been extracted from the Data Warehouse, you must have that student's record removed from your class by the Registrar.

List members

This option will list all members who have been automatically subscribed to your classlist through the classlist extract process, members who have been subscribed through the Classlist Request Menu, and students who have not been subscribed because we could not find an email address for them.

For students who have had email problems, we also provide a 2-letter code which will help in determining how to solve the email problem. You may need to have your classlist administrator help you in solving the problem.

Change options

Each school has already determined the default mailing options that should be applied to its classlists. Please check your school's profile. These options which differ from school to school are:
  1. Who can send mail to the list
  2. Who receives replies to messages already sent
  3. Whether the sender of a message will receive a confirmation from LISTSERV that the message has been sent
  4. Whether the sender of a message will also receive a copy of the message sent
This option will display the current settings for your classlist and allow you to choose alternative settings. This option will also list the owners of the list besides the classlist administrators and allow you to modify or delete the e-mail address of existing owners and also allow you to add a new owner. Please remember that all e-mail addresses must be full e-mail addresses, e.g.,

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