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Information Systems and Computing (ISC) offers a list management service that allows the requestor to manage subscriptions to an electronic mailing list. See our List Management service checklist to make sure that you need this service.

The list management software that we are using for this service is L-Soft's Listserv.

Lists created through this service should relate to research, instruction, or administrative activities of the University of Pennsylvania or its affiliates and we require that a faculty or staff member be the primary list owner for the list. Your school or center may have specific restrictions on the use of this service and you may need their approval before requesting this service. The following schools have provided contacts, if you have questions about using this service.

Department of English

List owners can change list attributes, subscribe or unsubscribe users, and perform other administrative functions of the list. While the listowner does not necessarily have to be a participating member of the list, communications from the server about the list is done through email and therefore the listowner must have an email address. It is the listowner's responsibility to handle all problems with the list membership.

In keeping with campus-wide guidelines concerning the management of large lists, we recommend that list memberships be restricted to less than 500 members and that lists of this magnitude should restrict the size of messages sent to these lists to less than 1,000 bytes of text only. We further recommend that lists as large as these should restrict the lists so that replies are only sent to the original sender of the message and not to the whole list and that messages sent to these lists be sent during off-peak hours if possible. You can configure such large lists so that messages are queued and only sent during these off-peak hours.

If you have a need for a service that exceeds our restrictions, please review our document outlining electronic alternatives to listservs.


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