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Thank you for visiting Penn's Computing Web. We have provided links to common computing information sought at Penn as well as email links for you to use to send comments or questions on computing information. Please forward your comments or questions to the right email link to ensure that your comment or question gets to the right place as quickly as possible.

Most Requested Information

Following are links to sites that contain the most requested information on the Computing Web:

Supported Computing Products
Desktop Computer Recommendations
Directories at Penn
Computer Labs
Email Specifications by School
PennKeys and PennKey passwords
Support and Training

Computing Support and Help Questions

Primary computing support is usually located in the schools, units, and residences, close to the faculty, staff, and students being served. Contact lists are available for:

To look up your primary support provider, select your University affiliation above.

If you have school-specific computing questions, contact that school directly. See the Campus Computing Organizations menu page for appropriate links.

You may also call First Call at 573-4778 or send e-mail to to request a referral if you are not sure who to contact.

Edits or corrections to content on Computing Web

For edits or corrections to information that appears on Computing Web pages, or to send a general comment about the Computing Web site, send mail to

General information about Penn

For non-computing questions and for general information on the University, see Penn's home page, which includes links to Admissions, the Schools, the online directories, research news and services, and more.


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