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ISC Networking and Telecommunications SMTP-Relay Service

ISC Networking & Telecommunications email service requires authentication for SMTP access. Certain devices which are capable of sending email are not able to authenticate and therefore need an SMTP-Relay server to accept mail. If you have such a device, please consider setting up your own SMTP-relay server. Please see our documentation on configuring Sendmail. If you cannot set up your own SMTP server, can be used:
  1. in those cases where the envelope sender and recipient are both in domains that are hosted by ISC Networking and Telecommunications mail services. Those hosts are:
    [an error occurred while processing this directive] In this case, there is no charge and no registration required to use

  2. by hosts which have been registered. In this case unauthenticated email relaying to and from any sender and recipient connecting from the registered host is allowed. There will be a monthly charge for use of this service by registered hosts.
New hosts that wish to use SMTP-Relay will need to fill out a registration form that requires PennKey authentication.

Form to request SMTP-Relay


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