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Electronic Communications and Collaboration

Included here are links to information about services that support or facilitate electronic communication at Penn. School computing organizations may provide additional services to their constituents. For information on connecting to Penn's network, see Network Access.


Teleconferencing - Information about unattended and attended audio and web conferencing services for large and small groups.

Videoconferencing - Information about setting up fully interactive virtual meetings and using ISC's video conference room.

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Email and Messaging

Email Specifications by School - Information about email clients supported in each School.

ISC's Zimbra and Exchange Email Services - Information about email services for schools and centers that do not have their own servers.

ISC's Instant Messaging (IM) Service - Messaging and chatroom services using PennKey authentication.

Email Accounts for Student Groups - How to establish and maintain an email account for a student group.

Alumni Email Forwarding - Free email forwarding and directory services for Penn alumni.

Webmail - Sending and receiving email on Penn systems using a web browser.

Online Directory - Faculty, staff, and student email and telephone directory, with links to instructions for updating a listing.

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Electronic Discussions & Mailing Lists

Electronic Discussion Groups Overview - An introduction to email discussion groups at Penn.

Mailing Lists - Set-up instructions and guidelines for sending email to groups using personal mail aliases, reflector lists, and listservs.

Classlists (Class Mailing List Service) - Information on creating and using email lists for course-related discussions.

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File Exchange & Collaboration

Penn+Box - A secure collaboration tool to store, manage and share content online (for faculty, staff, and students).

Secure Share - Service for exchanging sensitive information electronically (for faculty and staff).

Secure Space - Secure storage and file-sharing for collaborative projects.

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Telecommunications (Telephone, Voice Mail, Cellular)

Departmental Telephone Services - Information about all aspects of Penn's voice services, including specialized services such as automated call distribution and interactive voice response.

Student Telephone Services - Information about all aspects of phone service for on- and off-campus students.

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Video & Media Services

Penn Video Network - On-campus cable TV, movie channels, and video services, including free video bulletin board and satellite and video conferencing.

Penn Video Productions - Video planning, concept development, production, and distribution via tape, disk, streaming video.

Research Channel - TV programming dedicated to broadening access to ideas and opportunities in basic and applied research.

SAS Multi-Media Services - Video duplicating and conversion, editing and post production services, videoconferencing, streaming video hosting, and live webcast hosting. FAQ includes information on how to view and use streaming video at Penn.

Digital Signage - Manage the display of information to LCD panels strategically placed on campus.

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Penn Web - Links to information on web services, tools, resources, and how to get an official, personal, or student group web site.

Penn Web Style Guide - Guidelines, templates, and best practices for official University web pages.

Penn Logos - Downloadable University logos and usage guidelines.

Online University Calendar - Information on creating custom calendar views (School, unit, personal) and providing events information to calendar.

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