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Each row contains a Degree Pursual and one course enrollment assigned to that Degree Pursual for a student. When a student has two or more Degree Pursuals, an Enrollment may be assigned to either one of the two or to both. The assignment to a Degree Pursual for a particular Enrollment is defaulted to the student's primary program for the term. However, as part of the student's degree planning, it can be updated by the School's student records staff. Only when an Enrollment is assigned to a Degree Pursual does the enrollment become part of the transcript for that Degree Pursual.

Common Uses

  • Looking at enrollments a student has had in the context of the degree the student is pursuing.
  • Analyzing how students apply one enrollment to multiple degree pursuals.
  • Restricting the enrollments returned to only those of a certain pursued degree.

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  • Restrict the number of returned records by specifying TERM equal to a specific term code or codes. Otherwise the table's large size could result in very long-running queries.
  • Going through Assignments limits the results to enrollments that apply to specified degrees. If you do not need to look at enrollment as it applies to the degree the student is pursuing, then do not include Assignment in your query. For Business Objects users, this means only use the "AA Branch" if you need to include Assignments; otherwise, use either the AB or AC branches. Otherwise, your queries will run longer than is necessary, and you may not get back all the results you expected.

ASSIGNMENT Table - Data Element Index . Tables and Data Elements . Student Records Data Home . Data Warehouse Home

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