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ASSIGNMENT Table - Data Element Index

Degree The degree with which the student's enrollment in a course section has been associated. A degree is an academic title pursued through a division of a school and awarded by the University.

See also Restrict_Degree in the DEGREE_PURSUAL_ALL_V Table.

Values: see the DEGREE table.

Division The division associated with this degree pursual for this student. A division is an administrative sub- unit of a school. Schools at Penn can be composed of one or more divisions. A division oversees students as they pursue degrees within that division.

Examples of Division code include COL (College of Arts and Sciences), NUR (Nursing Undergraduate), GFP (Fine Arts Graduate) and GEX (Engineering and Applied Science Executive).


See also the DIVISION Table.

DP_LINK_ID A system-generated internal index column, used to join the term records to the appropriate degree pursual. It is re-generated each time a student's records are refreshed from SRS, and the old value over-written. See also DP_LINK_ID in the DEGREE_PURSUAL_ALL_V, MAJOR_MINOR_TERM, DEGREE_TERM_ALL_V, HIATUS and INTERNAL_COURSE_EQUIV tables.

The date this record was downloaded via the SRS extract process and loaded into the Warehouse. This information is stored in the Warehouse in date format.

A date in the format specified in the International option of the Control Panel in Windows or Macintosh. Usually, this option has been set to MDY format with a slash (/) separator for example, 5/31/95.


The 8-digit identification number assigned to the student by the PENNcard system. No two persons have the same Penn_ID. Only persons affiliated with the University will be assigned a Penn_ID.


Indicates whether a student has notified the University to restrict his or her dates of attendance at Penn from release to persons outside of the University.


[Null]    The student has placed no restriction on this information.

Y          Restricted.  Do not release outside the University.

The course section whose enrollment is being assigned to this degree pursual. A section is a unique identifier for a specific course section in a specific term, and is composed of the Subject_Area, the Course_Number, and the Section_Number.

See also Section_Id in the COURSE_SECTION Table.


Any number from 000 to 999

Ssn The Social Security number of this student. A Social Security number is a unique number assigned to an individual by the federal Social Security Administration.
Term The term of the enrollment that is being assigned to the degree pursual.

Penn divides the academic year into 3 terms or semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Terms are designated by the 4-digit calendar year, followed by a term code. The Spring term code is A, the Summer term code is B, and the Fall term code is C.

Example: 1995C means Fall 1995 1996A means Spring 1996 1996B means Summer 1996

See also Restrict_Attend_Dates in the ASSIGNMENT Table.


ASSIGNMENT Table . Tables and Data Elements . Student Records Data Home . Data Warehouse Home


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