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Searching the Penn Directory using PennNet Phone Handsets

You can search the public view of the Penn Online Directory using your PennNet Phone handset.

Accessing the Penn Directory using your PennNet Phone

  1. Press the Applications  button
  2. Use the checkmark key  to select Penn Online Directory
  3. Use the keypad to enter the name of the person, and then press the Search softkey. The system will return a list of entries matching your search criteria
  4. Use the navigation keys to scroll through the search results and highlight a contact.
  5. Press the checkmark key to dial the contact.
  6. Use the Back softkey to return to the Search Penn Online Directory screen.

Search Tips

  • Navigation arrow - Navigate between pages of results using the navigation arrow located on the keypad.

  • Last Name field - You may enter all or part of the last name, but enter at least 2 letters.

  • First Name field - To narrow your search results, use the First Name field in conjunction with the Last Name field. You can enter all or part of the first name.

    You can also perform a search using only the first name. This may be a quick way to search if the person has a unique name.

  • Erasing letter(s) - To erase a letter, press the checkmark key .

  • Names with an apostrophe - If the person’s last name contains an apostrophe, you must type in the apostrophe. The symbol can be found under the number 1.
    Example: Search for "O’Brien":
    1. On the key pad, press the number 6 three times for the letter o
    2. Press 1 four times for the apostrophe
    3. Press 2 two times for the letter b
    4. Press Submit

  • Wildcard searches - You may also use "wildcard" characters within name fields. Use "*" (asterisk sign) to match one or more characters at the start of, or within, a name. This is useful if you aren't sure of the spelling.
    Example: "*Donald" finds "Macdonald" and "McDonald"; "n*man" finds "Nyman", "Newman", and "Norman".

  • Viewing multiple pages of results - The phone screen display only permits 8 to 10 listings. The number of results found are listed near the bottom of the phone's display screen, e.g., "Records 1 to 8 of 101." You can view multiple pages of results by using the checkmark key to select Next Page.

Example: Search for "Smith" returns multiple pages of search results. To view all pages, use the checkmark key to select "Next Page."

    1. Use the navigation arrow on the keypad to scroll through the first list of names
    2. At the end of the list, use the checkmark key on the keypad to select Next Page
    3. Use the down navigation arrow keys to contiue scrolling through the pages

Improving results

    • If you get too many responses, or see the message "An error occurred. Your query generated too many results; be more specific.," try using more letters to limit your search results.

    • Check to be sure the name is spelled correctly .

    • If an individual has a unique first name, search by first name to get fast, narrower results.


Page updated on September 20, 2017


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