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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your phone set, voice mailbox, line, and installation rates?

All of our voice service rates are available on our rates pages.

How can I update the location information assigned to our phone lines?

Just follow the instructions on our Correct Incorrect Line Locations page.

Nuisance Calls

Someone keeps faxing my phone line. How can I get this to stop?

Here are several strategies:

  1. If you have caller ID and can see the number of the fax machine calling you, send a fax to that number advising them of their error.
  2. Or try transferring the call to your office's fax machine. If the fax contains the caller's number, send a fax explaining they have the wrong number.
  3. If the fax you receive is not for you, then as an act of fax courtesy, you could let the caller know that the fax they sent never got to their intended recipient.

Service Orders

What do I need to do to order phone service?

Most schools and centers have staff members whose responsibility it is to order voice services for their organization. If you are faculty or staff, contact your administrative staff to find the appropriate person from whom to request service. When possible, you may want to have the following information available to assist the person ordering your phone service:

  • The building and room where service is needed
  • The wallplate ID closest to where the phone set will sit. If no wallplates are available, you may need to have a new wallplate installed.
  • The type of phone that you would prefer (Polycom 550, Meridian Business Set, etcetera). Some departments order specific types of phone sets, so be aware that you may have to follow your organizations's standards.
  • Also mention whether you will need a voice mailbox with your new service.


Page updated on September 20, 2017


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