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ACD Contact Center: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Penn ACD Contact Center general questions and answers section. If you do not find the answer to your question, please send an email to  We will add to this list of FAQs periodically, so please check back often.


Q Do we need a specific model of phone to answer ACD calls?
A The ACD system is flexible; you can answer calls using a PennNet phone, a single line set, or a cell phone.  Determining which phone set to use is part of the ACD requirements gathering and implementation process.
Q My agents are scattered throughout the building; how can I tell who is answering the phones?

There are several tools available: Using the .Net client ACD, agents and supervisors can see the status of other agents in real-time. Agents can check to make sure someone is logged in and available to answer calls before they head out to lunch.
In addition, supervisors can take advantage of the extra monitoring tools that come with the Supervisor client. The Supervisor client can be configured to alert the supervisor when too few agents are logged into the queue.

Q Some of my staff is located in another building; can they be connected to the departmental ACD system?

Since the ACD system is housed and maintained centrally by ISC, an agent can be located anywhere on campus. Most agents need a PennNet connection and a phone to answer calls; others need only a telephone.

Q Do I have to record all of the announcements for my department?

You can if you like, or you can ask ISC to record the announcements. Remember, it is best to use the same voice for all announcements for consistency.

Q It’s snowing outside, and the office will be opening late; can I change the announcement from home to advise callers we are opening late
A Yes! You can turn on a previously recorded inclement weather announcement or record a new announcement from home.
Q With our old ACD system, before every holiday I had to remember to record a “we are closed in observance of the holiday” announcement. Do I have to do this with the new system?

The good news is you can record all of your holiday announcements once a year and they will automatically play on the designated date. No more remembering to record the Memorial Day message on the Friday before and deleting the message the Tuesday afterwards.

Q Can ISC automatically send me reports about my ACD queue?

Yes, once your ACD queue is operational, ISC can assist you in determining which reports are most valuable to you.  ISC can then schedule those reports to run automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and send them to you electronically.

Q Can a caller reach a specific agent without going through the department’s queue?
A There are several options: Callers can reach agents directly by dialing an extension number or by using the telephone keypad to spell the agents name; other agents may need a campus telephone that is not answered by the ACD.  ISC consults directly with you to discuss your requirements and offer customized solutions that meet your school, center, or department needs.
Q We never know how many phones calls are in response to a specific fund raising campaign; can the ACD count the number of calls?

The ACD system counts the number of inbound calls. Your agents can also use “wrap codes,” which define calls by category, as another method of identifying why a caller contacted you.   Examples: Wrap code 789 to make a donation; wrap code 345 to request an application.



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