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Online Directory Organizational Listings


The Organizational Listings include contact information for departments, schools, institutes, programs and campus organizations. As a “green initiative”, the University directory information is made available online, eliminating the paper directory. Please note that the organizational listing access is available to certain members of the Penn Community, primarily faculty, staff, and students, and requires a Pennkey login.

Using Specific Features in the Organizational Listing

Searching Penn Organizations

In order to be able to access and search the organizational listings, click on this link:

PennKey authentication is required. The search box for organizational listings will display at the right side of the screen, next to the personal listings search box. You may enter only a portion of a name for results to be returned, for instance: search for 'Science' will return any organization that has 'Science' in its title, including 'Arts and Sciences, College of'. Words or word portions can be entered in any order. Common words like 'of', 'for', the', 'and' are not utilized in the search but do not cause problems if included.

Once the desired organization is located, click on the listing. Information about that Organization's important contacts will be displayed. It should be noted that not every employee of an organization may be represented in its organizational listing; if one is looking for a specific individual at Penn it is recommended to search using the 'Find a Person' function (searching for a person in the Organizational listing search will not yield results).

Updating Listings

Organizational Listings are maintained by Directory Liaisons distributed across the University, and are maintained on an schedule determined by each organization. If discrepancies are noted, you may contact the email below and the central administrator will contact the group responsible for the listing. Organizations that need to designate a new Directory Liaison should fill out the access form available here. Directory Liaisons seeking instructions for maintaining Organizational listings will find them here.

Please contact to report issues with the Organizational search.


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