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How to Update Your Online Directory Listing: Faculty and Staff Instructions

For faculty and staff, follow these steps to update your Directory information.

Step 1. Go to your own record
If you are not already within the Directory application, go to the University's central directories page and click "Update directory listings".
If you are already within the Directory application, select "My Profile" in the upper right corner of any Directory screen.
When prompted, use your PennKey and password to log in.

Step 2. Review and edit the information panels shown under the Penn Profile tab.
This is the foundation for your listings in both the Penn View and the Public View. You can correct existing information and add new entries, such as additional telephone numbers and email addresses. (Note that although as much information as possible was moved from the previous version of the Online Directory to the new one, the implementation of new features and requirements means you old and new listings may not be identical.)

Please pay special attention to your title and office address. In some cases, these have been drawn from the Payroll System and cannot be edited by users. You may instead create a new entry that better reflects your actual location or job function. For example, if your work address does not include your office number, you may wish to provide a more detailed work address.

To open an information panel, click one of the blue editing buttons on the lower right side of the screen. For detailed information about editing specific portions of your Directory information, click the"i" information icon found in the title bar of any information panel.

Step 3. Select information for the Penn View.
Decide upon and select the information you wish to display in the Penn View. Keep in mind that some categories of information are mandatory.

To display an entry in the Penn View, select the checkbox that appears to the left of that entry. To conceal an entry, make sure the checkbox to the left of that entry is unselected (empty). To show a particular name, major/organization, phone number, or email in the brief version of your listing that is shown in reponse to a search, also select the round radio button next to that entry.

Step 4. Select information for the Public View.
Click your Public Profile tab in the upper left portion of the screen. Decide upon and indicate which information you want to display the Public View, which is seen by the general public. You can only choose from the set of information you've already chosen to display in the Penn View. Please exercise caution in deciding how much information to display in the Public View.

To display an entry in the Public View, select the checkbox that appears to the left of that entry. To conceal an entry, make sure the checkbox to the left of that entry is unselected (empty).

Step 5. Provide emergency contact information for the UPennAlert system.
Remember to provide information so that the Division of Public Safety or other authorized Penn Administrators can notify you with urgent text and/or voice messages in the event of a campus emergency. Click your UPennAlert tab in the upper portion of the screen to review the information you have provided. To edit information, click the blue button on the lower right side of the screen.

Step 6. Review how your listing appears in response to a search.
Select "Search" in the upper right and search for yourself to see exactly how your listing displays in the Penn View. Then log out, select "Search" in the upper right corner, and search for yourself once more to see your listing in the Public View.

To protect your personal information, always remember to log out after your have used your PennKey to log in and access Directory information in the Penn View or manage your own record.


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