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Updating Partner/Spouse Information

Show in My Penn Details | Partner/Spouse Name | Submit | Cancel

Show in My Penn Details:
If you select the checkbox:

Spouse/Partner Name:
This column allows you to enter the name of your partner or spouse.  The entry will not be searchable, and will appear exactly as you enter it. The length limit for this field is 150 characters.  (Note: Even if you have filled this column, no entry will appear in your Online Directory listing until you place an "X" in the checkbox to the left of this column.)

Clicking this button will immediately enter any changes you have made in the blue information table into the Online Directory. If a message appears onscreen, you may need to provide additional information, or correct the information you have provided, in order to proceed.

Clicking this button will close the blue information table without making any changes to the Online Directory. This applies only to the active window and will not cancel any other previous changes submitted during this session.


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