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Updating UPennAlert Phone Information

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This column provides information about the type of device reached by the phone number shown in the entry.

Phone Number:
This column lists telephone numbers.  The Online Directory lists all domestic U.S. telephone numbers in their full 10-digit form ("215-898-5000"). You may enter a telephone number in any of the following ways:

  If you type: The phone number
will display as:
5-digit campus extension 85000, 8-5000 215-898-5000
7-digit campus number 8985000, 898-5000 215-898-5000
10-digit number 6105551000,

Note that the UPennAlert system cannot accept extensions to 10-digit phone numbers. Whenever possible, please provide direct-dial information.

Pager Carrier:
The name of the carrier (service provider) is required for all pager numbers. For work-sponsored pagers, contact the department, school, or center that provided the pager to obtain carrier information.

Pager PIN:
If your pager requires callers to input a PIN (Personal Identification Number) in order to reach you, you must enter your pager PIN to ensure that the UPennAlert system can successfully page you during an emergency.

Clicking this button will immediately enter any changes you have made in the blue information table into the Online Directory. If a message appears onscreen, you may need to provide additional information, or correct the information you have provided, in order to proceed.

Clicking this button will close the blue information table without making any changes to the Online Directory. This applies only to the active window and will not cancel any other previous changes submitted during this session.


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