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Updating Address Information

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Show in My Penn Details:
If you select the checkbox:

Show as My Search Result
If you choose this option by selecting the radio button, the entry becomes the single piece of information that appears in the brief listing first returned in response to an Online Directory search by authorized Penn users.

This column provides information about the function of the address shown in the entry. Information can appear here in two ways:

  1. If the information is shared with the Online Directory by an authoritative source, the Online Directory will use the types provided by that source:
  2. If the information is manually entered directly into the Online Directory, a pulldown menu will allow the user to select among the following choices:


If a white text field appears in this column, you have the option of attaching a comment to your entry in the Online Directory. You may wish to use this feature to direct viewers on how best to contact you:

  Office: 618 Leidy Labs / 6018 Office Hours: T,Th 2:00-4:00pm
3740 Hamilton Walk  
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6018  

The length limit for this field is 40 characters, including spaces. 

Note:  While the Online Directory can accommodate comments, other campus information sources may not; if information is shared with the Directory from an authoritative source (such as the Registrar's Office or Human Resources), no comments may be added.

This column indicates the origin of the information contained in a specific entry, and is automatically filled by the Online Directory application. Possible values for this column include:

Clicking this button will immediately enter any changes you have made in the blue information table into the Online Directory. If a message appears onscreen, you may need to provide additional information, or correct the information you have provided, in order to proceed.

Clicking this button will close the blue information table without making any changes to the Online Directory. This applies only to the active window and will not cancel any other previous changes submitted during this session.


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