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Data element mapping back to SRS Definition



part of the record key for all screens that show transcript information

Career is associated with the student's academic program, and is used to identify the transcript for that program.

Students with multiple academic programs can have multiple careers. The transcript text will appear only on the transcript for the associated career.

Last Activity Date n/a The date this record was downloaded via the SRS extract process and loaded into the Warehouse. This information is stored in the Warehouse in date format.
Maintenance_Date n/a The date this record was last updated in SRS.
Penn_ID appears on SRS screen 103

The 8-digit identification number assigned to the student when their record was created in the PennCommunity database. No two persons have the same Penn_ID. Only persons affiliated with the University will be assigned a Penn_ID.

Penn_ID is not stored in SRS, but can be used on screen 103 to look up a student. It is populated in the Data Warehouse from a extract from PennCommunity.





the record key for all student data in SRS; appears in the context line of all student-related screens

For students who are United States citizens or permanent residents, the Student ID number in SRS is generally the Social Security number of this student. A Social Security number is a unique number assigned to an individual by the federal Social Security Administration.

For foreign students and a few other exceptions, the value in this column may be a Penn-assigned ssn.

Note: Never release a student's Social Security number to anyone without the student's permission. Whenever possible, do not include SSN in your query results, and if you must do so, you do so with the full knowlege that you will be held responsibile for the careful maintenance of any datafiles, reports or other stored data containing SSNs.

Please see for more about the University's policies and general cautions regarding the use of SSNs.




appears on SRS screens 124 and 136

Text that prints on the student's transcript, in the specified Position.



appears in the context line of screen 124

Identifies the position and type of transcript text. For example, text that appears in the "Honors" block of the transcript is identified with a different position code than text that appears in the "Comments" block.


A - Academic Program comments
P - Third Academic Program - free form text
C - Course work comments
D - Disciplinary action comments
T - Thesis/Dissertation comments
1 - Other comments, paragraph 1
2 - Other comments, paragraph 2
3 - Other comments, paragraph 3
4 - Other comments, paragraph 4
5 - Other comments, paragraph 5

NOTE: there is also a Position Code of 'H' but the text of those comments will not appear in the Transcript_Text table. Because code 'H' represents Honors, the text from comments in position H can be found in the Transcript_Honors table.

Position code 'G' is not used on SRS screen 124; it is only used by the 14x screens and thus is not included in the Transcript_Text table.

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