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Term-specific data about each major or minor pursual for each degree pursued by a student. Major_Minor_Type distinguishes between Majors (M) and Minors (N). Major_Minor_Order distinguishes between one major or minor and another. For example, if a student has two majors and one minor, there will be 3 records:
Major_Minor_Type M and Major_Minor_Order 1,
Major_Minor_Type M and Major_Minor_Order 2,
and Major_Minor_Type N and Major_Minor_Order 1.
If the student has only a single major, there will be just 1 record, with Major_Minor_Type M and Major_Minor_Order 1.


Common Uses

  • Selecting students pursuing a particular major. ("Who are the students with Applied Mathematics as one of their majors?")
  • Analyzing double- and triple-major use. ("What majors are most often chosen as part of a double- or triple-major?")
  • Finding students who have not yet selected a major. ("How many of the present sophomores have yet to declare a major?")
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This table's data structure differs from that of the CEN_STDT_MAJOR_MINOR table, where each record contains both a major AND a minor value.

Business Objects users: in the STDTCANQ universe, there are two classes that point to the MAJOR_MINOR_TERM table:

Major Minor Term, Every
Major Minor Term, Last

"Major Minor Term, Every" is joined in this universe to DEGREE_TERM_ALL_V on pennid and term. If you use this class, you must indicate what term you want, or you will get multiple rows in your results -- one for each term.
"Major Minor Term, Last" is joined in this universe to DEGREE_PURSUAL_ALL_V on pennid and last_degree_term = term. If you use this class, you do not indicate which term: your query will return the majors (or minors) that the student(s) had in their last, or "latest" term in which they had activity for the specified degree.

If a student goes on leave of absence, there will be rows in MAJOR_MINOR_TERM for the gap terms with the majors and minors they had when they were last in attendance, and the Leave_Flag on those rows will be "Y". If a student is not on leave and is in continuous enrollment but does not take summer classes, there will be no row in MAJOR_MINOR_TERM for the summer, since absence in the summer is not considered a leave from school.

SSN is not visable to most queries and users. Use PennID for identification of individuals in this table. Joins in the Business Objects universes are done on PennID, instead of SSN.

MAJOR MINOR TERM Table - Data Element Index . Tables and Data Elements . Student Data Home . Data Warehouse Home

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