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Contains information about degrees students pursued each term, including term-specific statistics including term GPA, cumulative GPA (reflecting all grades up to and including this term) and earned credit. These statistics reflect only enrollments which are assigned to this degree pursual. (See the ASSIGNMENT Table.) There is one record for each degree a student pursued, for each term the student has data, including terms in which the student is on leave. Since it is possible to pursue the same degree in two divisions at the same time, some students will have two rows in degree term each term they are enrolled in a dual or joint program.. Degree_Order distinguishes between primary ('1') and secondary ('2') programs. See Cautions, below.

Common Uses

  • Finding degree and program information for a student for a specific term (any specified term, not necessarily the current term.)
  • Determining a student's 'primary program' at a given point in time (term).
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  • Although SRS does not display at the term level the degrees of a student who is on Leave of Absence, in the DEGREE TERM table there are rows for every degree program the student is pursuing that term, whether they are on leave or not. Occasionally, this will result in a student having multiple primary degree pursuals, where Degree_Order = 1. This can happen if the student is in 2 degree programs, goes on leave from the primary program, but the secondary program does not put the student on leave. Use the Leave column (Leave='Y') to determine whether the student is on leave from a degree program.
  • Each enrollment for a student is assigned to one or more degree pursuals. For example, a student may have an enrollment which is assigned to a bachelor's degree but not a Master's degree pursued the same term. Statistics for that student's Master's degree with not reflect the grade, credit and quality points for that enrollment, then, whereas that student's bachelor's degree statistics will reflect that enrollment.
  • DP_LINK_ID is an internal Data Warehouse construct, and does not comes from SRS. It does not carry any meaning in and of itself, and should not be used to sort rows in DEGREE TERM, nor extracted and stored externally. Its sole purpose is to allow a correct join between rows in DEGREE TERM and the corresponding program in DEGREE PURSUAL. See also the comments about DP_LINK_ID in the DEGREE PURSUAL table.
  • Owner in the primary key can be ignored. Since table security takes Owner into account automatically, you may ignore it in your queries.
  • While SSN is part of the key, it is not visable to most queries and users. Use PennID for identification of individuals in this table. Joins in the Business Objects universes are done on PennID, instead of SSN.


DEGREE TERM Table - Data Element Index . Tables and Data Elements . Student Data Home . Data Warehouse Home

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