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Contains data about all previously awarded degrees on record with the University, including Penn and Non-Penn degrees. For Penn, INSTITUTION is 2926. For other institutions, Institution is the Educational Testing Services (ETS) code (see help text for Institution). DEGREE_RECEIVED contains one record for each degree a student has earned.

Common Uses

  • Find a student's degrees earned prior to coming to Penn (see Cautions).
  • Identify students in Ph.D. programs who earned Master's degrees instead.
  • Time-to-degree studies: identify the average number of semesters students take to complete a degree.
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  • Non-Penn degrees are only recorded on occasion when they are documented as part of a student's application to a Penn degree program. Non-Penn degrees will have a different Institution code, and the Degree Awarded Term will be null.
  • Master's degrees awarded by Penn may be found here even when the student has no DEGREE_PURSUAL_ALL_V record for the degree, since a student may earn a Master's in the process of earning a Ph.D.
  • Only actual degrees granted, earning a diploma, are found in this table. Non-degree programs found in DEGREE_PURSUAL will not have a row in DEGREE_RECEIVED.
  • DP_LINK_ID is an internal Data Warehouse construct, and does not comes from SRS. It does not carry any meaning in and of itself, and should not be used to sort rows in DEGREE TERM, nor extracted and stored externally. Its sole purpose is to allow a correct join between rows in DEGREE RECEIVED and the corresponding program in DEGREE PURSUAL. See also the comments about DP_LINK_ID in the DEGREE PURSUAL table.

DEGREE RECEIVED Table - Data Element Index . Tables and Data Elements . Student Data Home . Data Warehouse Home

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