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Natural alias: I-LOAD-RC

appears on SRSscreen 132

The percentage of the total teaching load for this course section assigned to this instructor. This value may be zero. The sum of Instructor_Load across a course section should total 100.
Instructor_Penn_Id not in SRS The unique number that identifies an instructor to the University during his or her stay. This is used to join to the employee_general view for additional information about the instructor.


Natural alias: INSTR-ID-RC

from SRSscreen 132, but does not display on screen

The instructor's Social Security Number. Access to ssns in the Data Warehouse is strictly limited. See also the Cautions for this table.
Last_Activity_Date not in SRS The date this record was downloaded via the SRS extract process and loaded into the Warehouse. This information is stored in the Warehouse in date format.


Natural alias: SECT-ID-RC

part of context line for SRSscreen 132

The course section taught by the instructor. A course section may be taught by more than one instructor.

The unique identifier for a specific course section in a specific term is composed of the Subject_Area, the Course_Number, and the Section_Number:

Positions 1 to 4 are the alphabetic code for the subject area of the academic discipline under which the course is offered.

Positions 5 to 7 indicate the course number assigned to the course at the inventory level.

Positions 8 to 10 indicate the section number for a specific course section in a specific term.

Generally, term specific sections with a midlle digit of 5 indicate that the course was taken through Study Abroad.

Note: Although a Section_Id may be used in more than one term, the activity may be different in different terms.


Positions 1 to 4  Refer to Table AO35 Table of Subject Areas

Positions 5 to 7

001 to 099     Undergraduate courses primarily for Freshmen

100 to 399     Undergraduate courses

400 to 499     Undergraduate courses primarily for undergraduates but

               graduates may also take the course for credit with 


500 to 599     Graduate courses primarily for graduates but 

               undergraduates may also take the course for credit

600 to 989     Graduate courses

990 to 999     Graduate independent study courses

Positions 8 to 10

000            Auto section create is for independent study courses 

               only.  The student is assigned a section number by the 

               department, the section is automatically created when 

               the student registers through PARIS.

001 to 049     Lecture sections

050 to 059     Study Abroad sections

060 to 099     Lecture sections

100 to 199     Laboratory sections

200 to 299     Recitation sections

300 to 399     Seminar sections

400 to 499     Crosslisted sections

500 to 599     Grad Engineering Executive Masters Program sections

600 to 699     College of General Studies sections

700 to 799     Wharton Executive MBA sections

800 to 999     Reserved for courses converted from the previous 

               course numbering system



Natural alias: CTF-TERM_RC

part of context line for SRSscreen 132

The term in which information about the instructor who teaches this course section applies.

Penn divides the academic year into 3 terms or semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Terms are designated by the 4-digit calendar year, followed by a term code. The Spring term code is A, the Summer term code is B and the Fall term code is C.

Example: 1995C means Fall 1995 1996A means Spring 1996 1996B means Summer 1996




appears on SRSscreen 132

The Courses InTouch code of the instructor, for a specified course section in a specified term.

The CIT Code determines which functions, if any, this instructor can use in the Courses InTouch web interface on the Penn Portal. The course term file roll optionally copies this value for the instructor, but it alsocan be manually changed, from one term to the next.


null - nothing assigned
L - Class List only
C - Course Problem notices
G - Grading and Class Lists
A - Course Problem notices, Grading, and Class Lists
N - No InTouch functions allowed




appears on SRS screen 132

Refers to the number of hours per week that the instructor spends with the class as a group. System-calculated in SRS. Note that the value is first calculated upon the first offering of a course, and from there the value can 'roll' from the model term to future terms, without being re-calculated.


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