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Provides the ID of the academic advisors for a given student in a given term. Also has the "advisor type" indicator: a one-character code indicating the type of academic advisor (House Dean, School Advisor, Department Chair, etc.)

Common Uses

  • Reporting on advisors for a given student or group of students in a given term. Advisor Name can be decoded by a join on Advisor Penn_ID to Penn_ID in the Employee_General table.
  • Providing a list of advisees for a given advisor in a given term.
Primary Key Indexed Data Elements Related Tables
Advisor_Term_PK (system generated key) SSN, PENN_ID, TERM, ADVISOR_SSN, ADVISOR_PENN_ID, ADVISOR_TYPE, DEGREE_ORDER table name STDTCANQ universe join on column(s)


  • The Primary and/or Secondary Division name can be decoded from the DEGREE_TERM table, using the Degree_Order column. However, Degree_Order is determined by position of the data element on the Advisor screen in SRS, and is not programmatically tied to the student's primary or secondary division. There is no way for the warehouse load program to guarantee that Degree_Order is linked correctly to the appropriate division name. For this reason, in the STDTCANQ universe, the Degree_Order is not part of the join between DEGREE_TERM and ADVISOR_TERM. Users may create their own "join" by including in their conditions "where DEGREE_TERM.Degree_Order = ADVISOR_TERM.Degree_Order". Note that including this condition can cause some rows from ADVISOR_TERM to disappear from your query results, because there is no real connection in the source data between the degree order number on the advisor record and the degree order on the student's term record. Note also that because we cannot include the Degree_Order in the join between these two table in the STDTCANQ universe, you will need to remember to use a "Select Distinct" in your query -- for Business Objects users, do this by clicking the Options button and selecting "No Duplicate Rows".
  • SSN is not visable to most queries and users. Use PennID for identification of individuals in this table. Joins in the Business Objects universes are done on PennID, instead of SSN.

ADVISOR TERM Table - Data Element Index . Tables and Data Elements . Student Records Data Home . Data Warehouse Home


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