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V_RACE table



This is a validation table, containing the values and descriptions for codes used to define students' race and ethnicity codes.


The warehouse V_RACE table is refreshed in batch mode from the Operational Data Store (ODS), which gets its data from the Banner database. The UPENN_ODS source table is GENERAL_GORRACE. The rolled up Federal Reporting codes are sourced from GENERAL_GTVRRAC.


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Cautions and notes

  • The race codes provide detailed ractial background information. Each race code is associated with a "rolled up" single character code used in Federal Reporting.
  • Students can self-identify as belonging to multiple racial categories, and each category has, potentially, multiple sub-categories. The V_RACE table will have a row for each category, so joining to this table to get the student's race code can result in getting back multiple rows per student. If the desired result is to get just one row per student, you must use the ROLLUP_RACE code in the STUDENT table; that will contain the Federal Reporting code, and if a student has been identified as being in more than one Federal Reporting code categories, the codes will be concatenated in the ROLLUP_RACE field.
V_RACE column definitions . Pennant Student Records Home . Data Warehouse Home

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