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This is a rules table, containing the values, descriptions, and business rules related to the Program codes that are related to curriculum records.


The warehouse V_PROGRAM table is refreshed in batch mode from the Operational Data Store (ODS), which gets its data from the Banner database. The UPENN_ODS source table is SATURN_SMRPRLE.

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Cautions and notes

  • Program codes can be used, in some cases, to identify populations of students. The codes use a standard format: [division]_[degree]_ followed by an optional additional code that further defines the program. For example, students in a traditional undergraduate degree program in the College that is a single degree will have Program = AU_BA, but students in a traditional undergraduate degree program that is a coordinated dual degree in Huntsman will have Program = AU_BA_HUNTS. Some legacy "special programs" from SRS converted into Program codes, for example a student in the Nursing Accelerated program will have Program = NU_BSN_NAP.
  • Program codes are mapped to Program Types, or categories, that are used in the standard data warehouse reports to group students into one of the following buckets based on their primary curriculum:
    • Traditional Undergraduate
    • PhD and Research Masters
    • Professional and Other degree Program
    • Certificate and Non-Degree Program
    • Non-Credit Programs and Affiliated Students
  • Program codes have short descriptions, from the baseline Banner SMRPRLE table, and also longer descriptions from a custom Penn table. The long descriptions have a defined start and end. In the warehouse, we have a view of the V_PROGRAM table called V_PROGRAM_V, which holds only the most recent long description of the Program codes. Use the view to decode a Program into its long description, unless you need to go back to a specific point in time for the description that a program had in the past, in which case you can join to the V_PROGRAM table and get the description that falls within the desired start/end.
V_PROGRAM column definitions . Pennant Student Records Home . Data Warehouse Home

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