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V_CAMPUS table



This is a validation table, containing the values and descriptions for codes used to identify the broad geographic areas in which Penn has academic activity, and also virtual vs actual areas in which students study. A student's Campus indicates where they are for all or most of their course of study. As of the rollout of Pennant Student Records in 2022, the University of Pennsylvania has two physical campuses:

  • the Phildelphia area (Campus code 'PHL'), which includes sattelite locations around the city including the Veterinary facilities at New Bolton Center
  • the San Francisco area (Campus code 'SFO'), which is primarily used by the Wharton Executive graduate programs
  • In addition to the physical campuses, the University of Pennsylvania has a designated campus of Online (Campus code 'ONL') for students whose course of study is entirely online.

    Students who participate in a hybrid curriculum where some things are online and some are in-person are not in the ONL campus: if they attend courses in-person, whether that constitues all their courses or only part of their courses, they are in one of the physical campuses (either the PHL or the SFO campus).


    The warehouse V_CAMPUS table is refreshed in batch mode from the Operational Data Store (ODS), which gets its data from the Banner database. The UPENN_ODS source table is SATURN_STVCAMP.

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    Cautions and notes

    • The concept of a Campus should not be confused with the students' Site code. Site represents the geographic location of the students' course of study in a specific term. It is primarily used to indicate the student is in another city or country for a "study away" or "study abroad" semester. (see the V_SITE table for valid values.)
    • Neither the Campus nor the Site should be confused with the students' "Learning From" address. "Learning From" is an address type that the student provides to the University so that they can be contacted about health and safety emergency situations that may impact their residential location. (see the V_ADDRESS_TYPE table.)
    • The Pennant Student Records collection also has information about courses, and for courses that are taught online there is an "Instructional Method" of OL that indicates it is being taught online. (See the CRSE_SECTION table, and the V_INSTRUCT_METHOD table.) A student taking a course with an Instructional Method of OL should not be confused with a student whose Campus is ONL.
    • Campus, Site, and the Address Type of "Learning From" are used to characterize the student's location, whereas Instructional Method is used to characterize course sections.
    V_CAMPUS column definitions . Tables and Data Elements . Pennant Student Records Home . Data Warehouse Home

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