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This table contains both equivalent coursework taken at another school, college, or university and transferred to Penn for credit, and also credit for Advance Placement and International Baccalaureate credits.


The warehouse ST_TRANSFER_CREDIT table is refreshed in batch mode from the Operational Data Store (ODS), which gets its data from the Banner database. The ODS source tables are UPENN_ODS.SATURN_SHRTRIT, SATURN_SHRTRAM, SATURN_SHRTRCR, and SATURN_SHRTRCE.

Common Uses

  • Get all of the external credit awarded to a student as equivalent Penn credit.
  • Find students who have been approved for transfer of credits from a specific institution.


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Cautions and notes

  • Transfer Credit is sometimes referred to as Equivalent External Credit.
  • Transfer Credit is applied to a Student Level on a student's record. Students with multiple levels may have different transfer credit applied to different levels.
  • Although there is a term on the transfer credit record, this does not necessarily always mean it is the term in which the student actually took the course. This is particularly true of records that were converted from the legacy SRS system (pre-Summer of 2022).
  • The Institution Code that is maintained by the Office of the University Registrar in the source Banner system may not exactly match instituion codes used in other non-Pennant databases.
ST_TRANSFER_CREDIT column definitions . Pennant Student Records Home . Data Warehouse Home


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