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Additional names and their associated name types, for students. The name that appears on most source forms and application pages is the Name found in the STUDENT table. Any other name stored for a student in Pennant is considered an additional, or "other" name. Students can have zero or more other names.


The warehouse ST_NAME_OTHER table is refreshed in batch mode from the Operational Data Store (ODS), which gets its data from the Banner database. The ODS source tables are UPENN_ODS.SATURN_SPRIDEN and UPENN_ODS.SATURN_SPBPERS. In the online Pennant system, the data about students' email addresses can be viewed on the SPAIDEN form.

Common Uses

  • Identify special-use name types for students, such as Legal Name, and Long Name (used for diploma printing)


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Cautions and notes

  • The student's "Long Name" is stored in a different column from the other names. If you are looking for the "Diploma Name" use the NAME_TYPE = 'DIPL' and the value in the Long_Name column.
  • The student's Legal Name can be found in this table
    • Comes from the SPRIDEN name fields, where SPRIDEN_CHANGE_IND is null
    • Name_Type = 'LEGL'
    • Note that most reporting at Penn should not use the Legal Name; instead, use the name fields in the STUDENT table.
    • Legal Name should only be used when it is explicitly required, for example, when reporting to the Federal Government.
  • The student may have multiple rows of the same NAME_TYPE, except for NAME_TYPE='LEGL' or 'GRAD'.
ST_NAME_OTHER column definitions . Pennant Student Records Home . Data Warehouse Home


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