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The Student Enrollment table contains detailed information about all of the courses the student is currently enrolled in, as well as all of the courses they previously completed.


The warehouse ST_ENROLLMENT table is refreshed in batch mode from the Operational Data Store (ODS), which gets its data from the Banner database. The ODS source tables are UPENN_ODS.SATURN_SFRSTCR for current enrollment information and UPENN_ODS.SATURN_SHRTCKN and related tables for enrollment information in Academic History. In the online Pennant system, the data about students' enrollment can be viewed on the SFAREGQ form for current information, and on the SHATERM form for graded courses in Academic History.

Common Uses

  • List students in a course, or find all registrations in courses in a specific subjects area.
  • Count students registered in a term.


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Cautions and notes

  • Enrollment, as used in this table, means registration in courses.
  • The data in this table comes from two different sources -- the current registration data and academic history.
    Some columns can only be populated from the current registration record, and thus will be null for enrollment data coming from academic history. For example, we only populate the billing credits and waived credits from the current record.
    Some columns can only be populated from the academic history record, and thus will be null for enrollment data coming from the current registration record. For example, grades are only available for the records that come from academic history.
  • Course Sections from the legacy SRS system were not converted; there are no course sections in Banner prior to Summer 2022. For this reason, some columns in ST_ENROLLMENT, for terms prior to 202220, will be null, because there is corresponding section record. For example, the "gradable indicator" on ST_ENROLLMENT comes from the section, so for older sections, that column will be null.
  • Student academic history was converted from SRS: any student who was active in the Fall of 2010 or since then had all of their academic history converted. In other words, a student who was active in Fall 2010 who may have taken courses 20 or more years ago will have all of their coursework in Banner. All of their historical records from any courses taken at Penn will be in ST_ENROLLMENT. Students who were not active at any time since the Summer of 2010 did not have any of their academic history converted, so you will not find their records in ST_ENROLLMENT. If you need to research or report on older registrations, you will find them in the legacy warehouse view: DWADMIN.ENROLLMENT_ALL_V
  • There is no validation table with descriptions for grades. Please see the Registrar's Transcript Key for grade and mark descriptions.
ST_ENROLLMENT column definitions . Pennant Student Records Home . Data Warehouse Home


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