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Contains student categories, called cohort codes and the terms in which the student was in each cohort. Cohorts, unlike attributes, generally do not change very much from term-to-term over the course of a students academic program. Examples: First Generation student, Veteran, or the student's admissions class ("Class of ...."), etc.


The warehouse ST_COHORT table is refreshed in batch mode from the Operational Data Store (ODS), which gets its data from the Banner database. The ODS source tables are UPENN_ODS.SATURN_SPRIDEN and UPENN_ODS.SATURN_SGRCHRT. In the online Pennant system, the data about students' addresses can be viewed on the SGACHRT and SGASADD forms.

Common Uses

  • Identify all of a students' cohorts in a given term.
  • Find all in a specific online program.
  • Find students in any coordinated multiple degree program.
  • Find students in the PennCap or prefreshman program.
  • Find students who belong to a specific "Class of ___" admitted class
  • Find Wharton cohorts
  • Find Nursing accelerated students
  • Find active duty military students


Primary Key Indexed Data Elements Related Tables
Penn_ID, Cohort


Cautions and notes

  • Cohorts should not be confused with student attributes. Both can be used to define populations of students, but whereas attributes change from term to term, cohorts are groupings or categories to which students belong that are less likely to change. See also the ST_ATTRIBUTE table.
  • If a student goes from having one or more cohort in a term to having no cohorts in the next term, they will be assigned to the cohort code of "NOCOHORT."
ST_COHORT column definitions . Pennant Student Records Home . Data Warehouse Home


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