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Contains the academic program information entered for students in the the Grad Funding system. This is not necessarily the same as the student's program in the Student Records System (see Cautions and notes, below).

Common Usage examples

  • Find the grad funding information for students in a division or grad group, as entered in the Grad Funding system.
  • Show the academic program being used by the Grad Funding system.

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and notes
  • The academic program information (school, division, major) in this table comes from the Grad Funding system, and not from SRS. It represents the program that the student was funded for, which could be in the future.
  • The academic program in this table is considered the "current" information, for Grad Funding's purpose, that is, the program the funding is for. It is not stored term-by-term, and therefore you cannot look up term-specific academic information from previouis terms, nor do multiple-term analysis of student academic programs. For previous terms and multi-term analyses, you will need to use DWADMIN.DEGREE_TERM_ALL_V, DWADMIN.STUDENT_TERM and DWADMIN.MAJOR_MINOR_TERM.
  • If you use DWADMIN.DEGREE_TERM_ALL_V, DWADMIN.STUDENT_TERM or DWADMIN.MAJOR_MINOR_TERM., you need to specify the TERM(s) you want to see. If you do not, your query will return one row for each term the student has. In the Business Objects Grad Funding universe, these three tables are all pre-joined on Penn_ID and Term; you only need to specify the term from DEGREE_TERM_ALL_V.
  • In the Business Objects Grad Funding universe, DWADMIN.DEGREE_TERM_ALL_V, DWADMIN.STUDENT_TERM and DWADMIN.MAJOR_MINOR_TERM. will return only the primary program and primary major for each term.


  • The Grad Funding online system
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