How can I create complex conditions (called 'Query Filters') by nesting or indenting them together, and using AND and OR?

This can be done differently depending on whether your Preferences > Web Intelligence > Modify are Applet or HTML.

HTML - Special Nested Filters button available.

  • Open the report in DESIGN mode.
  • Click the Edit Data Provider icon and the Query Panel opens.
  • Click the Add Nested Filter button and notice that the OR or AND appears.

  • Drag an Object that you want to filter on and drop it when you see the red line next to OR.

  • Drag the second object and drop it when you see the red line appear above or below the previous filter. You now have a nested query filter.

Applet - There is NO Add Nested Filter button in Applet mode. Since there are no visual cues as to when your Object is in the right spot to drop, you will have to experiment a bit to establish the appropriate overlap, etc.